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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Honest to a Fault

if honesty is my worse crime
then I will not cross the line
without your permission
you know I've made many bad decisions
the gear keeps on clouding my vision
I hope you have the heart to listen
there's no need to carry weapons
though that has recently been brought into question
I know I'm never gonna make it to heaven
I've already been to hell and back
so many stalkers waiting to attack
all the trouble that I attract
I'm learning hard not to react
I'm not a monster in the sack
I don't stab people in the back
and I believe I'm getting back on track
so many accounts for them to hack
so much shame in the days of old
stood in the nude and caught a cold
paralysed and racked with fear
traveled with everything in my boot
all the things I did I did for you
out of the kindness of my heart
sorry we got off to a bad start
I will never stop creating such art
straight from the bottom of my heart

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