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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


generation after generation, we are still glued to the corporate cretin television
it's more than an indication that we can't find anything new to do, so we keep on lazin'
the rut that we are facin' is that valuable time is racin' away, day by precious day
as we waste away the opportunity to improve the quality of the propaganda rays we intake
if I'm so bold to have my opinionated say, then let me relay the oncoming storm of a bitter taste
all the pointless things we do, we do in a such haste, like we were headlessly running a losing race
while it's true that television is no longer the new sensation, it's still highly addictive and in fashion
each decision we make to watch it's commercial vision, we give ourselves cancer and circumcision
and cloud our mental vision, giving our brains lesions, as if we were regularly taking crack
the adverts keep repeating, it's a bleak future we're facing, let's all give the idiot box the sack

as we continue watching empty spectacles, they will make us lose our ability to question their warmongering bullshit
although we are among the only the few who can resist their tentacles, we will change hearts and minds bit by bit
and though we stick things in our arms that would make most people freak out, our minds are not all that scattered and weak
when it's time to express our opinions, we shall not be feeble, or speak any evil, hence people will listen to the truths we speak
we've got a better vision for this planet and we're gonna change it for good dammit, for freedom for all is what we seek
let's all go pissing on the system, foul up it's functioning, don't tell me preventable death isn't happening, due to our addiction to affluence
we're all missing out on the reality of the situation, care too much about inflation, but class relations are of greater importance
let's start kissing strangers on the lips, right before we take large sips of stolen drinks: rebellion against mainstream values, be whatever you want to be
don't you dare start appeasing the machinery of consumption, don't be a pussy, if you want something, then take it for yourself for it is rightfully yours, that could be just the thing that sets you free
you know that they keep deceiving us with lies and propaganda, sell us the illusion of Santa, quench our thirst with Fanta: a Nazi drink made just for you and me

the hopelessness and negativity does not have to be written in stone, we've still got hope in our hearts, fuck bourgeois homes
when we are feeling like we're all alone, we've got an entire army of revolutionaries on our side, wherever we may roam
just be careful of the things that you say on your mobile phone, for the fucking authorities could be listening in, keeping us under surveillance
no antenna on a boat, at least the movement is still alive and afloat, the enemy is drowning in it's own negligence and decadence
remember to keep fighting with your fist in the air, for there are plenty of comrades who care about your passion and will help you keep smashing
remember, December is the best time to help yourself to free things, too many people about for them to keep an eye on me, fuck the latest fashion, gotta keep cashing
pants with elastic in the ankle are best for ganking, as nothing can fall through and give you away, so why not try on a pair today?
My stance is as staunch as a professional criminal who refuses to pay up big or to conform, or be afraid of a security storm, are you ready to join us and play?
I'm ready to launch a Molotov Cocktail into the mainframe of capitalism, blinding prisms keeping us out of prison
There's no chance we will fail at the revolutionary project, too many reasons not to give up, everything's fucked, tell me what isn't?

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