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Tuesday, January 05, 2016


is happiness an infantile social construction
just another word, self-destruction
in just one verse, one can create a chain reaction
better than fear, hatred and inaction
peace, love, understanding and compassion
transcends all hatred, apathy and indecision
when you touch another's heart, do it with precision
make sure you click on the correct icons
and make good choices and wise decisions
also, turn off that stupid television
it disseminates lies, falsehoods and draconian fashion
short and sweet, succinctness
I have witnessed the power of love
set forth a million black doves
for all things are possible
in the realm of an optimist's reality
so do as you fancy, my friends
for we are all connected in the end
I hate people who simply pretend
to be someone other than their true selves
and accumulate excess wealth
it's can't be good for their health
I'd rather be poor and happy myself
never underestimate the strength of an elf
they do things by stealth
in the dead of night
without the need for blinding lights
so what if I cried and cried and cried
at least it means I am still human
and not a heartless automaton
hellbent of hurting those who are physically weaker
violence: their favourite flavour
stop being so macho, do me a favour
the love and compassion of the nurses was a life saver
such kindness on Christmas day, music to my ears
and I know that I'm not crazy
it's the guards and their mates who are out of line
those idiots couldn't be more mentally crueler
there's not such thing as fate
but life itself is inexplicable
so it's time for me to act sensible
no more running from cowards
trying to scare others just like John Howard
did to the populace just before each election that he won
in the games you play, there are no winners
only people who get hurt along the way
it's time to start afresh, to have my say
for life itself, is not some children's game
it's precious and everybody counts
all the people down town and lost
and there is always a cost to pay
but we cannot afford to pay for the pain it inflicts anymore
this time round, I will settle the score
no more games, I've had enough, NO MORE!

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