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Saturday, February 06, 2016


You cared more about twenty dollars than you did about the health of another.
When push came to shove, you showed your true colours, it was clear what you loved more.
Making money, rather than the mental well-being of a fragile coffee-mug neglecting fiend.
You even lied to the police to cover your own arse, said that you were threatened with assault, which was totally false.
When no such thing happened, but I popped the pills to get back at you, if I had died it would have been your fault.
And the pills we are talking about weren't child's play, you were so cold at the end of the day.
When I called back later after having recovered from my pill overdose, you didn't even have the heart to say sorry.
For attempting to turf me out on the street when you clearly knew I had lost all of my money and ID.
Such a lack of sympathy defies all standards of decency and makes me so angry that that you fucked me over.
Just like every other money-hungry fucktard who couldn't care less who they hurt, just another dirty pay day getting closer.

Your lack of humanity has left me mystified.
When I asked to talk things over you said you were not talking to me anymore.
So mature, such a pure heart of greed and cowardice
All I wanted was to talk things over, never meant any malice.
But you did, and you hid behind the telephone.
If someone invades your home one day, that would be poetic justice.
You are nothing, just a coward and a liar, setting off legal fires.
You will get your comeuppance one day soon, when there's a bad moon on the rise.
Hope it takes you by surprise and the eclipse burns out your eyes.
Well, I lied when I said I meant no malice, but justice will come about by itself.
If you keep on treating people the way you do, eventually a fan club will start hating you!

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