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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Even the smallest creatures can carry the entire world in their own hands. To burden oneself with such a weight is to say yes to all of eternity. Candle burning bright for ever more, unable to be blown out. Whoever says not to punch above your own weight is someone who is way too overly cautious. From little things, big things grow. So start small and you can begin to make a break from those habits that are dragging you down and holding you behind. Without being shackled by chains, imagine all the incredible things that you would be able to do. You can achieve whatever it is that your mind can conceive of. The possibilities are limitless. Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of bringing your dreams into fruition. To break down walls between others and yourself, you don't always need to resort to brute force. You can always bridge the gap using all the love and compassion that resides in your heart. A heart that hurts is a heart that works. Kindness is not necessarily a weakness. It can also provide an example for others to follow. If you treat others the way you would like to be treated, then people with similar values will notice and follow suit. A transfer service for collective karma. Even the most seemingly insignificant act of loving kindness matters. It sure beats cruelty and extreme malevolence. Many awesome things come in small packages. Those who are on the receiving end of others' good intentions and generosity, more than than they are at the source of the transaction, must also learn to give themselves. You can't expect to go through life taking everything you can from others without reciprocating their generosity. A relationship is not a one way street. Stop going down the wrong side of the road. The precious gift, that is life, is meant to be shared by us all. Desist from hoarding resources for yourself at the expense of everyone else. The universe and all of existence belongs to one and all. Everyone has a role to play in it's unfolding. No one life is worth more than any other.


Separated from one another by fear and hatred, we are all too caught up competing with others to see who's ego is most important when in fact we are all equally valuable as commodities to be sold on the free market. This makes us really malleable and enables those devoid of the ability to feel compassion to easily manipulate us as if we were puppets. This is unacceptable. We need to stop selling our bodies and reclaim our minds from those who want us do as they please. We should all be treated equally in the eye of the law. Even better, we should stop following laws that are completely nonsensical. Breaking laws can give us all a taste of liberation, just as long as we don't harm others. Crimes against property have the capacity to provide others with an example of liberty. Rob from the rich to give to the poor. In my humble opinion, 'Robin Hood' should be the only book that is read by every single person on the earth, instead of the bible. Why should billionaires have the right to hoard away a ridiculous amount of money when billions of their fellow human beings are living in chains? Such inequality is simply and utterly obscene. Nobody should be dying from starvation or preventable diseases. All such tragedies are the result of the incessant greed of a small minority and the violence they use in order to uphold the status quo. They care not if other people are getting bombs dropped on them just so their share prices can go up. Vapid, heartless vultures they are. All capitalists deserve to die more than the victims of their insatiable desires. Having said that, I believe that no single living sentient being deserves to have their lives brought to an end prematurely. All life in the entire universe is sacred and its much sought after meaning is beyond what the majority of mere mortals are able to comprehend. All phenomena are interconnected including, of course, the souls of all sentient beings. We all need each other and each atom needs to interact with every other atom in perfect unison in order for life itself to be sustained. All the most basic elements of life are linked to all the other parts in such a way that they flow from the inexplicable origin back to the source. Nobody is a waste of space. Everybody had the basic right to live a life that is free from of coercion from those bastards who are in a position of power, who take advantage of those who own far fewer worldly possessions. From a young age, many people are brainwashed into believing that an imaginary higher power will reward good behaviour and punish those actions their rulers deem to be undesirable. We are all taught that it is a virtue to be greedy and acquisitive, and that it doesn't matter how much damage is done to the lives of other sentient beings in order for us to sustain our luxurious and comfortable lifestyles. Such behavior, I believe, is not natural at all. The way we act is largely influenced by the bogus world view that we are sold by the mainstream media and the corporations that control our increasingly meaningless lives. It's time for all of humanity to make a stand. Let's all unite and take up the fight against untrammeled greed. Education is the key. Never stop questioning the current social order. It's glaringly obvious that we all live in a completely fucked up world. Even blind Freddy can see this in those rare moments in which he is not blindfolded by recycled spectacles and trivial distractions of the electronic variety. Even the most optimistic realist would tell us that the prospects of making the world a less violent and more habitable place for every single living organism is quite slim. While the world is indeed an ugly place at times, all the tragic events that keep replicating like a photocopy of a picture of an industrial photocopying machine being cloned on a production line, with the aid of surplus people who are being exploited by the major players of capitalist excess and paid meager wages, can be brought to a halt if we were all to join forces and fight our common enemies, rather than one another. Stop competing! No more sweat shops, no more waste, no more depleted uranium bomb showers. No one single human being who inhabits this amazing planet should be treated as a surplus object. We are all vital notes in the song of life and have a part to play in the earth's chances of survival in the face of climate change denial and widespread and rampant environmental destruction. Spread forth not seeds of greed and apathy, but rather stick some seeds of compassion and truth into the ground. Change begins with the dissemination of truth in the airwaves of the guerrilla radio by all of us who refuse to conform and bow down to the dictates of market's invisible hand, which is normally used to masturbate over an image of a big fat, bloated dollar sign, printed in the blood of those who are referred to as collateral damage by Uncle Sam. Education is a human right and everybody deserves to know the truth about what's really taking place in all the poverty-stricken and war torn parts of the world, instead of just what transpires in their own geographical prison of jingoistic pride. If they had even the slightest clue about how many people are being exploited to the maximum, in ways that they can all relate to, then they would perhaps begin to create counter-culture that is aimed at opening up the eyes of those blinded by the illusion of success and freedom. Everybody has a limit as to how much shit they will cop before they fight back. The counter-cultural revolution that is currently taking place over the internet, is well on its way, gathering steam and momentum in every single subversive communique that we publish for anyone who knows how to use technology to view it's contents. Have you got something to say about the state of the world or the nature of existence itself? If so, I would like to hear about your raison d'être. What drives you? What kind of world do you wish to create for future generations? You could be the catalyst for social change and progress. Pass the parcel if you so desire, but you possess more power in the palm of your hands than you ever believed possible. Lights, camera, action. Let's get the ball rolling again before it's all too late.


Art is dead. Don't piss in its fountain. You cannot put a price on real art. Spontaneous and absurd. Such is the nature of reality. We are all artists, pissing on the canvass of life from each passing moment to the next. Never hand over your sovereignty to anyone. We are all masters of our own destinies. Interconnected. Nothing but filthy animals, knocking at heaven's gate, only to find that there is no point to doing anything at all. Except all and everything. There is no rhyme, nor reason. All of existence is absurd. Signal waiting to pass from one node to the next one. Light seeking asylum from the darkness of existence itself. To live well is to have ventured into the depths of hell and back, only to come back more alive than ever. To put in just the tiniest bit of effort to create art for the sake of negation of society's ridiculous dictates is to knock on the door of all eternity. Life, itself, cannot be denied. It just goes on and on for all of eternity.