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Sunday, October 20, 2013


haunting memories of a hammer and a sickle and a red star
a vision of rational disorder set against capital's vision of rational disorder
the razor-sharp blades of machete mayhem
the dogma dung of utopian visions
sacrifice and devotion to the hands of despotism's allure
mechanise the promotion of the tools of treason forever
and prohibit the automatons from entertaining the "third" choice
so adherence to information from neon signs is now the first voice

tell-tale signs of epilepsy
powdered dreams in bottled pepsi
background foreground there's no escape
from the soldiers of mental rape

alien anecdotes of a mortgage and a new car and a new w(l)ife
a story of functional delusion set against centralised theories of vanguardist illusions
the motorcade noose of mobile phone comfort
the poo-hole plug play of elitist forces
standardise all relations for the defense of the family unit
victimise and build prisons for the dissidents able to see through it
and prohibit the greased-up monkeys from contemplating the "third" choice
so prescription to (dis)information from blank screens is still the first voice

defer time to epilepsy
glowing highs from uncle Eddie
prime time crime time there's no escape
from the shit stains on Eddie's face

decentralise now motherfuckers!









Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Senryū Inspiration

Same old temptations

Wasting time, wasting money
Future looming large

Sense of adventure
Walking with purpose at speed
What is the purpose?

Handcuffed by Harry
Chasing an illusion of joy
It's just not the same

Harsh consequences
for a moment of relief
Nobody escapes

Weather is changing
The wind of abstinence
Free the mind from junk

This is the last time
Heroin is so passé
Change is possible

Sunday, October 06, 2013

our love affair with
cheap goods and convenience
is the glue that binds
the poor to poverty
and the catalyst
that makes the rich richer


this is our gulag

and we'll do whatever we want
you are nothing but dogs
so we'll treat you worse than dogs

if the pipes burst
then fix it yourselves

if you complain
we'll turn off the hot water

if you want shorter hours
we'll increase the quotas

if you read books
you'll cop a daily beating

if you are sick
you're still ok to work

if you want food
we'll give you stale bread

if you speak out
we'll punish everyone
don't speak to her
don't even look at her

it was all her fault
you are encouraged to
give her a beating
sabotage her work

don't you dare speak out again