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Thursday, February 18, 2016


holding out hope, waiting for salvation and a solution to all the visual pollution that invades and burns my eyes
abstinence could be my saving grace, help me to save some face and to put an end to the waste, so sick of all their lies, so much rage inside
relevance is not even a consideration, just like releasing kids from detention in this fucked up country, they must cry a lot
don't like to make promises that I can't keep, why do others view me as so piss weak? am I just like another tear drop?
when I engage in things in the hours that are outside of my dreams, I do them to excess, but I don't like my reputation being clumped together like the rest
now, I've got something to confess: I haven't being trying very hard to pass the test, this is so not my idea of success
if God exists, then may he bless the people who are looking out for me, their general decency was indeed rare and surprising
at least they try not to fuck me over or cut my grass with a scammer's lawnmower, been up all night and the sun will soon be rising
their company: I am certainly enjoying and I'm not toying around, but I'm so sick and tired and bored of boring, conventional people, with nothing profound to say
my friends keep me grounded like a calm waiter at a posh restaurant being abused by class-traitors or, straight out, the enemy, oh what rude sounds they play from their tongues

It's time to wake up, get on the horse again, giddy up, it's the lesser of two evils
we're are hooked and corrupt, there's no other way to be than to dance with the devil
unless we want to and also choose to be free from bad company
open up your eyes and you shall see that we could all one day be free

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