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Sunday, June 25, 2017


How the wheels have turned since I fell from grace
All the things I yearn give a bitter taste
Watch the fire burn, my love gone to waste
All the points I’d earned now bring me much pain
What’s the big concern with the about face
Not hard to discern reasons for the rain
Heard them say those words, oh what shit they say
Starting now to learn not to rush each race
Things could not get worse, gone without a trace
Insatiable thirst, wish they’d go away

Time waits for no man, must do what I can
Try to understand Godhead’s master plan
God is mine alone, the love I’ve been shown
Wisdom I have known in life’s whirlpool blown
And God, he is me, why can’t people see,
That we are all free to do as we please

Revolt at the gates of heaven’s decline
Resigned to my fate, a blessing in time
Such a bitter taste pitted against wine
Choices made in haste as teeth start to grind
Mind state not too great, it’s time to rewind
Filled with fear and hate, fall further behind
Don’t like much to wait behind the white line
Reverse the brain drain, really troubling signs
Demons must be slain for things to be fine
Time to sieze the day, the onus is mine

Chance waits for no man, must rise where I stand
Try to lend a hand, this god’s failing plan
Life is mine alone, the pain I have known
The seeds I have sown, in time I have grown
The fool, he can’t see his real enemies
Hiding in the trees, decay and disease

Chaos breaks at dawn in a restless town
All the pages torn by a bat shit clown
The path walked well worn, the pressure unwound
Their words make me yawn, death stares all around
A rebel reborn, they can’t drag me down
Mild-mannered man roars, the deafening sound
A non-violent force strong enough to drown
Fat cats at the source of many folks' frowns
Emotion so raw with passion unbound
Let’s fight the class war, tactics well-renowned

Resistance is born of hearts broke and torn
Liars makes me yawn at the break of dawn
King upon his throne wants the wealth alone
Til our lids have blown, a story well known
Take back the power in the prime hour
Watch the pricks cower in their high towers

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Two souls torn apart after an uncomfortable start
I’m left here devastated trying hard to pick up the pieces
And hold on to at least some semblance of sanity
You meant more than the entire universe to me
But without you here by my side, everything seems harder
As I remain caught up in a war inside my weary head
Nothing seems right, but memories pull me through
To the other side of the abyssal hole inside of my heart
Shown now to be as fragile as a crystal glass bird
It was shattered into the fragments of a million pieces
The fire that burnt inside it will never die out though
It will shine a light for you: then, now and forever after
A soul mate comes along maybe once in a lifetime
And I have no doubt that’s exactly what you were
That’s why I will keep searching for a way to get back there
The place where we’re not only meeting in dreamland
I hold out hope that we will one day hold each other again
It’s the only thing that keeps me going in this lonely life
I just know that I will find my darling again before I'm spent
I will move heaven and earth and not rest until I finally do

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Come and take a trip inside the outsider’s mentality
Watch me as I sit in a ditch to avoid reality
Somehow the shoe fits just right in a twisted fantasy
I lay down big hits on my despicable enemies
Different day, same shit, more and more of the same trouble
Blood inside syringe, as cracks appear I blow bubbles
From cheap detergent, call me the crazy insurgent
Yet more accidents done on purpose, no consequence
Stupid government keeps on punishing addiction
Numb skull president, his views no longer relevant


Nothing left to say
Gone down the wrong way
Everything under the sun
Change your ways today
Or chase away all the fun
Keep the wolves at bay
You've had an extended run
Fall down in dismay
Your time has finally come

Confusion sweeping over
As you do it to yourself
The end is coming closer
To losing all of your wealth
Refusal to stay sober
Destruction of good health
Not over til it's over
Go places you've never delved

Escape from the rays
Beaming down over you
Don't go old and grey
Doing the things you do
Don't you feel betrayed
By the girl's latest moves
Signals on delay
Won't be of much use
Still the same remains


Mold the image that’s been sold to the highest bidders
Told a story icy cold from the cashed up winners
Rolled once again, same new old soul destroying tactics
Bold words spit forth from footholds so deep in concrete
Worlds collide, a string of pearls to shoot and kill for
Swallow my pride, the king awaits his loot and bills more
Into this night he spreads misery through hell’s doors
Pitiful plight, he’s dead and so hungry and red raw
Never did fight back, head so weary, drew short straws
Nothing left intact, said he’s sorry on the floor

It’s all laid out on a smorgasbord
They’re all paid to stab him with a sword
Demons slain to catch him out of place
Constant pain shall match his sorry face

See the wreckage brought about by idle hands sinning
The full damage was apparent from the beginning
Dump the baggage holding you back from full potential
It’s the package straight from the heart that shines real crucial
You make amends when you stop pretending it’s OK
To build a fence when you’re interacting at coal face
Things may get tense if you don’t change your wicked ways
Body for rent as you get caught up in a blaze
Still quite incensed, as much as you’ve been for six days
Time to relent, stop running round in that thick maze

Don't bow down to the dark overlord
He's got you tripping over cords
Mental patient mentality
Is your mind's new discovery