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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Guy Fawkes
Propaganda by deed
My vendetta
is yr corrupt culture
Blow up the parliament
Time warp terrorist
The blood
of protestants
my sentiments

I draw
dotted lines
in the moist sand
Pick up seashells
Throw them
in a cauldron
Concoct a spell
of liberation
The condemned
shall be free

as the weather
There's no need
to blow up
the banks
For a sea change
has swept
us over

Feed yr sisters
Free our brothers
Respect yr mothers
Kill our fathers
Chip away
at the mainframe
World Bank

the numbers
Divide by
6.5 billion
Free the zealots
from their chains
like coal trains

When the peons
the same
No more
financial midgets
in abundance
the value
of Godhead's
sacred symbols
null and void

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


from the planet Pluto i departed
then I landed on this earthly cauldron of pestilence
fuck the corporate cretins and the wars that they have started

this is but a distant echo of the replication of decadence

did I get here in that garbage fuelled car:
the one with the futuristic flip up doors?
I was laying down in a dream gazing up at the stars
and those mushroom enhanced tablets opened up the doors

so much apathy on this sheep-fucker's paradise
so many sheep on this illegitimate genocidal island:
the post-
Utopian failures of the failure to communicate
as the
inconveniences and riff raff keep on dying
and the baby-killing war criminals continue to extricate
and the corporate
cuntish media keep on lying
and the cretins in high castles and steeples continue to feed us hate
while the BAH BAH BAH consumers keep on buy buy buying

why must I keep on throwing the
same nonsense back in the collective face of the converted?
may the nth dimension of universal love bless the innocents now departed
from the source, back to the source, flows the currents of karma
that supposedly 'highly evolved' creatures have started

there is nothing more I can say that is not a
and from the beginning, I had nothing new to say
everyday should be a peaceful day in each and every way
but it's never going to happen until the hyper-greedy go away

the pollution...the pollution...the pollution...
the solution...the solution...the solution...

pop a fucking cap in their holy temples
then leave the fuckers the choice to join the free or die

the pollution...the pollution...the pollution...
the revolution...the revolution...the revolution...

will not be televised, nor
Stalinised, nor sanitised
and there will not be a leadership of the conceitedly wise

bloood will flow
heads will roll
the beautiful end

so this is the beginning and the end
of the drifter's journey that I am still on

28/2 to 3/3/10