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Tuesday, March 17, 2020


As the sands of time fall into the omnipresent chamber of uncertainty

We can be certain of very few things in the confusing journey of life

Except that each and every passing moment will be long gone

While memories of happy and sublime times,  pain and darkness

Remain in the neural pathways of burning, overclocked brains

Time waits does not wait around for the indolent to take action

Nor does it take mercy on those who repeat the same history

The fate of the fool who does the same thing over and over again

And waits around nervously expecting a totally different result

As a drifter who has wasted half his life running to the same dead ends

I implore every one of you to make the most of each and every day

For each moment could very well be your very last in purgatory

Yes time waits for nobody and it can sweep you aside effortlessly

If you allow it to tick on over without putting in your best effort

And before you know it half your life has gone past in a blurry flash

As memories of failures past and present haunt you each day

This is a reflection on a life only half lived at the best of times

The same old sad story playing on loop like a broken record

But if you were to scratch the surface  like a skilled turntabalist does

You may bring into fruition the many marvels which groundhog day offers

And actually create that which the heart desires and the mind conceives of

As you live each and every moment to the edge of the boundary of full

And not lay to waste all the potential you always held in your hands

From day one in the ground zero that was the wreckage of your life

So waste not another moment while you are still alive and kicking

And heed the advice of one of time's most highly skilled assassins

Dont allow the ghosts of past defeats drag you down and into oblivion

Or before you know it you will have drowned in despairing resignation

To all that you cannot retrieve from the ashes of yesterday's failures

For half a lifetime can go by in the blink of an eye out for an eye

Let go of all fear, self-loathing and hatred for your enemies as best that you can

For life is too short for one to be caught up in these enemies of time well spent

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


get out while you still can this rat race slowing down
fuck it stick it to the man in ivory towers
mates taking more than they should steal the queen's crown
the water snake he ran away from powers that be
haunting the useless coward they were once his friends
what a mistake he made spineless fool snitched on me
not wasting another hour so hate him? i don't pretend
that i could have mercy on the spineless snitch
me the vigilante who dishes out meal
so frozen iced tea time to rob the rich

the sly fuck stole the sunshine from under my rug
i should have told him to fuck right off
when the red flags appeared i'm such a mug
i can't ever recover all that time i lost

one hour two hours three hours four more times sixty second
the power weak cower on the outer score more roots than the husband
this is time martyr crimes not committed raw aggro shouting nonsense
was the worst not the the first got a thirst for volume at maximum
eleven months on the run so much fun awesome folk appear by accident
synchronicity rich snobs get rich come watch them be decadent
stingy fucks only suck cocks for crack none of them have a sense
of what it's like to have rice really nice done all tasks with pretence
one i hate not too late to seal his fate bum try-hard rich boy with no substance
count the days on the way to make him pay run all those he can in my amended

the sly fuck stole the sunshine from under my rug
i should have told him to fuck right off
when the red flags appeared i'm such a mug
i can't ever recover all that time i lost

i will continue the property damage
the only way for me to express outrage
what harm can a torrent of H/2/O cause
they couldn't fault me without lies to my face
one needs a photographic memory
to keep track of what they have and haven't said
liars so obscene my sentence a travesty
miscarriage of justice in a fucked up system
that listens to one's perceived enemies
snitches get sticthes dead body in a cistern

the sly fuck stole the sunshine from under my rug
i should have told him to fuck right off
when the red flags appeared i'm such a mug
i can't ever recover all that time i lost

always on my own the cold chills my bones
her bubbles are blown at the hoover dam
i only inhale one more cone change of perspective
was that but a drone do you want to live
in a world so cold even warm hearts melt
who is the most bold dark feelings I've felt
on the other side of the razor wire
stripped of all one's pride screws calling the shots
spreading yet more lies see me as a stereotype
no matter how I've tried cunts control the lot

the sly fuck stole the sunshine from under my rug
i should have told him to fuck right off
when the red flags appeared i'm such a mug
i can't ever recover all that time i lost

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Push an otherwise meek man far enough
And he will eventually go off like a time bomb
Tick tick ticking indignant yet cathatic chaos
In it's full glory for all the bullies to witness

Soulless sycophants fellating corporations 
As tools help line the pockets of fat cats
At the expense and suffering of good people
Held down by the hatred and envy of others

What goes around really does come around
Yes, all despicable acts run their due course
Evil people should all know this one thing
Karma is a bitch that runs full circle always

I'm not in the business of spreading hatred
There are already enough people doing that
For me to want to join in with the twisted orgy
Is it too much too soon to ask for peace and love?

They can give it their best of best fucking shot
But they will never be able to destroy us completely
For even inside prison there is freedom from within
The hearts and mind of the neglected and downtrodden

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Nothing left to say
After all is said and done
Gone down the wrong way
Everything under the sun
Change your ways today
Or chase away all the fun
Keep the wolves at bay
You've had an extended run
Fall down in dismay
Your time has finally come

Confusion sweeping over
As you do it to yourself
The end is coming closer
To losing all your wealth
Refusal to stay sober
Destruction of good health
It’s over when it's over
Go places you've never delved

Escape from the rays
Beaming down over you
Don't go old and grey
Doing the things you do
Don't you feel betrayed
By the girl's latest moves
Signals on delay
Won't be of much use
Still the same remains
Don't you get confused

Confusion sweeping over
Yes, you do it to yourself
The end is drawing nearer
You’re losing all the wealth
Try harder to stay sober
Path back to solid health
Not over ‘til it’s over
All the things you have felt

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


When we meet again my dear friend
I won't pretend that my heart's not broken
Said so much nonsense in the end
Wish I could send you words not yet spoken
I miss you so much, I've lost touch
With all the stuff that keeps my heart burning
Been doing it tough, not enough
Friendships do last, that's what I've been learning
Heard that you're married, so sorry
It's not with me, you sure did act in haste
No, I'm not angry, I'm happy
If you're happy, but these words are a waste
Of my precious time, though these rhymes
About my "crimes" are written in good faith
A piece of my mind, by and by
Don't ask me why I bother at this stage
To express the pain of my loss
There's been so much rain after the days of rage
Oh my aching brain paid the cost
So I missed the train, but it's never too late


It was 7am when the crowds gathered
We danced like nothing else mattered
Jubilation park where dreams were shattered
Perilous place near a river's mouth
We kept eating those silly noodles
Right in front of the pool that overflowed
We were never ourselves again that morning
No more ever afters in a rehab so boring

I saw you when I saw you

You left me when you left me
Meet again in dreamland
And we'll never be apart again
I can't see what's with all the fuss
I'm better at making dollars and cents
Unless that dollar has not been earned
But I've still got a long way to go

Heaven became eight in the morning

Morning turned into a new dawning
Camouflage, torches do some warning
That was two summers ago my love
A summer so close to my heart
Do you remember how happy we were
The bare naked flame thrown away
Then the stars started to shine again

I saw you when I saw you

You left me when you left me
Meet again in dreamland
And we'll never be apart again
I can't see what's with all the fuss
I'm better at making dollars and cents
Unless that dollar has not been earned
But I've still got a long way to go

Remember the painting we did

Of the bridge before we hid
Remember the lighter and deodorant
In case of danger or attack 
Remember the merry-go-around
Holding on to each other's hands
Remember the race me and Dave had
Which I won despite him cheating

Monday, April 22, 2019


Wolves once disguised as sheep
Now in wolve's clothing
All pretense stripped away
I can feel their leering eyeballs
Pointed at the small of my back
But the knives are blunted off
As if by grand design or providence
There are psychic channels to feed 
And manufactured truths waiting for mass consumption
Contestants to be be voted out
When survival is paramount for a free ride
Courtesy of a woman trapped inside the Truman Show
And the show must go on forever
As there are deep pockets to line
And somebody's heart is pulled apart
So piece by little piece of the child inside dies
He has a pure heart and been truthful for far too long now
Must learn to lie to protect himself from the others
Whose lies have derailed him from his purpose
Of revolution and universal spiritual growth
Been an infant laughing stock for over three long decades
Sold as novelty in a long line of washed up products
Without the slightest hint of a disclosure statement
And ethics were out the windows at the show's premiere
But god and his minders had better watch out
The once helpless, cute little puppy is evolving
And he has set his sights for the jugular
So he's not stopping until he kills off his detractors
With a cocktail of truth, determination and kindness
May the fun and games begin and rebellion be in full flourish

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Though my whole world is constantly under attack, I’m still an ethical criminal with the decency clean skins lack
You think society’s got your back, but it’s only still intact by sending the weak off the beaten track
It’s a story of exploitation, even more than poison peddlers take advantage of a junkie’s addiction
Submit instead of causing friction and mayhem in a fucked up, happy whore capitalist system
Forget about conventional wisdom, you can’t be of assistance to the lives of the down-trodden
If you’ve been bought off in the first instance by the noose that is blind adherence to consumerism
And it’s dictates, as it were fate that all you’ve seemed to do of late is to buy more useless shit inside a pearly gate
Such a sorry state, I just hate how we’ve all swallowed the fat cat master’s bait and become so complacent we can’t shake
The shackles around our wrists and ankles, resigned ourselves to the deafening beat of a humiliating defeat 
Of our interests collectively, bought off by a buy until you die orgy eclipse that keeps dollars firmly entrenched within filthy rich families

They control all and sundry while ruthlessly dropping happy bombs on their enemies with the aid of armoured metal killing machines
Watch it happen on TV, soon terrorists will finally be free from causing chaos to infidel families as they please 
They will soon be sorry, just a part of another media story about good guys defeating bad guys who have been killing us indiscriminately
Innocents they kill mainly with explosives made in a perpetual war promoting factory who’s owners cash in handsomely
Just like all shareholders with a foothold in the belly of a military industrial complex that’s been killing niggers for centuries
It’s quite plain for all to see that war is good for the economy, that’s why we spend so much money on stealing resources from weak, defenceless countries
Why put so much energy into revealing this great travesty using long sentences held together by the vitality of a ghetto rhyming strategy
Because it really gotten to me, this life so meaningless and empty in a society in which control mechanisms to herd sheep are aplenty 
I wanna smash it all up and watch all the fault lines erupt, destroy the structures erected by the hands of slaves to a humanity so greedy and corrupt
When all the shopping centres shut will we all fall into a rut of misery and emptiness when it disrupts our daily routines like a hammer smashing down on a bit bit