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Thursday, July 01, 2021


i went to the edge of a perilous ledge 

then hedged all my bets on unpaid debts

all of my regrets unresolved yet

in once incensed breath she wished me dead

explosive anger ever present danger

lyrical wanker doing no real favours

those words they sank her crazy cowboy ranger

criminal gangster various jaded flavours

greedy fly banker money abject failure 

model prisoner behind bars in hakea

but there are no bars except where you are

locked down in concrete accepting defeat

hustler superstars stealing fast flash cars 

don't bring down more heat than we really need

so doomed from the start we fell worlds apart

each day on repeat like a broken record

we know who we are with each day in hell

went all the way back to see where the trace leads

Friday, October 16, 2020


Got not reason to be happy
Open season for the big hunt
Now I'm bleeding on the footpath
Left here seething at the damage
Plain survival in the jungle
New revival of deep cruelty
Peace is vital for the broken
Find the rights holes for those loose screws
Keeping turning until they fit tight
And you might just see me smile again

Thursday, September 24, 2020


 all the hours now wasted

empty black holes tasted

didn't think I'd make it

even though I just take it

too much for one to fake

all surrounding walls shake

when I fall much further

from gravity's centre

where things don't get better

so I wrote this letter 

to make my feelings clear

as the passing of years

put aside all my fears

to bring you this fresh news

didn't want to leave you

hanging without a clue

as to what you should do

about the history

between the two of us

love still a mystery

I can't seem to work out

you are still my Juliet

on fire my heart you set

that's why I get so upset

every time I think of you

all the things that might have been

between the two of us that

never had a chance to be

oh Juliet come back to me

destroy the holy temple

nothing quite so gentle

like flooded sea vessels

caught in a losing battle

where one meets one's maker

who's power could break us

there's so much at stake here

not just words and fake tears

from movers and shakers

who's motives should wake us

to such tragic failures

like karma strikes traitors

no escape from it's grip

we all did what we did

when pressure blew our lids

and we closed our eye lids

to the truth before us

now settled in the dust

when we did what we did

we were only just kids

you are still my Juliet

on fire my heart you set

that's why I get so upset

every time I think of you

all the things that might have been

between the two of us that

never had a chance to be

oh Juliet come back to me

love is more than just a

four letter word for us

to fit a person to

it's what we choose to do

I just can't understand 

why you chose what you chose

into harm's way you ran

the emperor wears no clothes

twas all part of God's plan 

to divide and conquer

partially driven by

envy of yours truly

love is shown through actions

which speak louder than words

it's deeper than the ocean

the way it unfolds: absurd

one things still remains true

after all is said and done

strong is my love for you

don't you dare choose to run

you are still my Juliet

on fire my heart you set

that's why I get so upset

every time I think of you

all the things that might have been

between the two of us that

never had a chance to be

oh Juliet come back to me

Thursday, July 02, 2020


in these days of being told what to do
there's only bad news no end to the abuse
reasons to excuse only the staunch refuse
running is of no use only chains to lose
powering before long tune of a new song
powerful like King Kong strongest of the strong
going on a rampage where nobody's safe
so erase the first page in the book of rage
serenity for days, enter a new phase

monkeys do as monkeys do see
get to you just to pry you free
monkeys use what? monkeys do use that
make then go nuts while others go splat

all the ways to do what we're told to do
does it get to you, did it confuse you
the folly of youth reaching out for clues
how not to always lose seek for yourself the truth
beyond what you see branch off like a tree
greet those who you meet on the way to defeat
death we just can't cheat does it leave us beat-
en down on the street with blood on the sleeve
of your favourite t-shirt you wear just to please
the fashion police telling us what to wear
help catch Ben Lee's disease as people stop and stare

humans do as humans do see
living proof we lack decency
junkies do what yes they do use this
makes them erupt into pure bliss

Monday, June 01, 2020


Love and compassion 
Highest of all ends
Going out of fashion
Even towards friends

Need to tread gently
As soft as we can
Hatred is aplenty
We are better than

The freak show parade
Running it's due course
Got nothing to say
Get back on your horse

Pain and suffering
All must go through it
Can be challenging
What doesn't kill us

We shall all find it
Strength to carry on
No longer blinded
By the same hang ups

Leading us to hell
Stuck in a deep rut
Only time will tell
If we can get up

Ghosts of betrayal
Would leave most broken
We simply can't fail
To do what's spoken

Time to let it go
All the holding on
Forgive our worst foes
They bleed just like we do

When knives cut through us
For making mistakes
As normal as rust
The walls start to shake


Cracks in reality
Gaps in my memory
Lack of integrity
Trapped in purgatory

Hits in the neigbourhood
Shit gets misunderstood
Fits they normally would
Get crack fiends really high

Days slipping through my grip
As pieces of me die
Waves crashing to the shore
As seashells glimmer on

Leaves on the muddy ground
Seether coming back around
Creeps all around up town
Weep to ties that are bound

Let's break free from bondage
Set out a new passage
Fetch bait to catch cat fish
Exciting new attitude

Time slipping through my hands 
As hope fades right away
Heart still beats sign it works
As villains soldier on

Shame building up so much
Games are their safety crutch
Lame dishes served for lunch
Main reason I lose touch

Gave you all I could give
Say what you really mean
Do you want us to live
In a world so obscene 

Love shining on through us 
We won't ever give up
No matter what drives you
Don't let go of it

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


All the times I've failed but never really tried
Are like a wishing well full of all the tears I've cried
In order to get over how fucked up this world and the people in it are
Nobody wants to step out of line, they just wanna be superstars
In a reality TV show about their boring lives full of mediocrity
But they're so out of touch with reality that they're living in a fantasy
Having kinky sex with with their enemies, not lover or special friend
But in the end it amounts to nothing, just a game of let's pretend
That everything is alright, that there's light in the darkness
But we've lost our minds and decided to jump off a cliff without a harness

On the merry go around
Have been many I found
Then lost again after that
Just like all those feral cats 
Why must we march to the tune
Of a boring afternoon
There will a revolt soon 
Release those labelled loons

All the crimes they've punished me for me for unjustly
Are like a living hell full of innocent freaks
Condemned from the outset like all witches burnt at the stake
It's time now how to reflect on how we miss out on cake
When doing hard time inside stuck with all your mates
Tossed aside and stripped of pride for making mistakes
Some of which were done out of sheer desperation
Life's no so much fun under regimentation 
A prison system within a racist nation
Backward punishment train fines for poor and homeless 
All these attacks on the poor obscene and senseless

Hear the siren screech on time
Designed to control the mind
The do it over again 
There's no valid half defense
For such inhumane treatment
Of our fellow humans
Race to the darkest bottom. 
The whole system is rotten

Thursday, April 30, 2020


get out while you still can this rat race slowing down

fuck it don't delay stick it to the man in his ivory tower

mates taking more than they should steal the queen's crown

the water snake ran away from justice hiding behind the powers that be

the useless coward shitting all over those who were once his friends

what a mistake the gutless fool made snitched one time too plenty 

not wasting another hour so hate him why not i don't pretend

that i could have the least bit of mercy on the spineless snitch

me the crazy gung ho cowboy vigilante who dishes out meals

so frozen that i use iced tea time to key posh cars and rob the rich