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Friday, June 24, 2016


Hell bent on revenge, I stagger forth with murderous intent
Push me again and you shall see just how violent I can be
Some recent events have pushed me into a swift descent
Shifting my moral boundaries, watch me dish out the low blows on my enemies
You know that's the way things go at the eye of the storm
As my anger grows and my lid blows, for they've established new norms
Never thought I would sink so low as the bullies in the playground
You think me weak, but I don't think so, it's their skulls I'm gonna pound
Got my baseball bat and a blade too, yes I'm coming for you
Didn't think I would do that? Well think again, your worst fears come true

Watch out,I've blown my fucking fuse
You poked my eyes out with your lies
Now, I'm coming back for you too
And it should come as no surprise

I've almost gone insane due to all the pain, this is what I've got to say
Change your ways now or there will be hypodermic rage at the end of days
Laying down the hits with a pocket full of dirty fits in the place of wit
Make them shit their pants as I'm doing it, infecting the cretins bit by bit
Used to keep such fine company, who have now become the bane of me  
They took advantage of me and my kindness on display for all to see
I was considered weak but that shall no longer be, it's bloodshed that I seek
So who among you wants to fuck with me now, to be a sworn enemy?
No longer will I play the fool or be anybody's tool, I'm coming for you
The law of karma shall rule, eye for an eye and many broken teeth too

Watch out, I've blown my fucking fuse
You poked my eyes out with your lies
Now, I'm coming back for you too
And it should come as no surprise

This is what happens when a pacifist snaps, and starts to fill in the gaps
In his hit list, even ethical people do that and there's no coming back
Call it a terrorist attack, call it what you will, pretty soon the streets will be filled
With mayhem and bloodshed, as they count the bodies of the freshly dead
Yes, I'm fucked in the head, for they pushed me over the edge of a perilous ledge
But I survived only to come back for more, back to settle the fucking score
They won't revive any of the bodies, as I dismember them once and for all
It wasn't all that unexpected, this fall from grace, it's only me standing tall
Fighting for some dignity after it has been stripped away by my enemies
Only after the deed has been done, will I finally be free of the pain they dumped on me

Watch out, I've blown my fucking fuse
You poked my eyes out with your lies
Now, I'm coming back for you too
And it should come as no surprise

Friday, June 17, 2016


Self-immolation. A not so uncommon vocation these days. For those dissatisfied and disgruntled in each and every way. Such new age bliss shit is tied to this transcendental. Urge to escape from things of this world. Desires pushed under. Surge forth without faith, what rings in your ears. When the earth's been blown asunder? As we start to wonder why we filled that jerry can full of petrol. Lightning and thunder in the mind that barely was in control. Always drifting off to better times promised that never came. Sun rays lifting up rigid rhymes which sound the same. Syllable counting, pressure now mounting to flick that match. Can you smell that gasoline blended with human flesh? No turning back. As the well of dead libertines beckon you to become more or less. A martyr for all those who never quite fit in. A brother whom his siblings liked to spit on. Unable to see any redeeming features in humanity. Though we are mostly free, we keep receiving propaganda like it were the truth we speak. So, do we reap hell's invocation, follow through with planned self-immolation? Done with political intent perhaps. No amount of wealth or preaching on commercial TV stations can hold back such pivotal dissent, and please, no hats allowed. For fabric does not burn quite like flesh burns, leaving a mess. Not so tragic after all as the wheel of time turns to the left. To reveal a method to the madness. Like monks shifting the focus to their own burning flesh. In order to protest the insanity of the Uncle Sam/agent orange blitzkrieg that kept producing yet more dead. It's the ultimate statement to set one's own skin and bones on fire in an act of finality. Sticking one's middle finger up to a cruel, uncaring reality. A world that shits on us all and laughs all the way to the well filled to the brim with the blood of innocents. Now condemned to earthly hell: life force removed by the hands of those who do truly smell. Because they've stuck their heads so far up their arses. That they delight in bringing about misery and creating a growing mass of cadavers. Generals calling the shots as young boys stand frozen in their assigned spots. Ready to turn the enemy into toast at their masters' beckoning. Using up excess energy from the narcotics the government has been feeding them. So this is the picture that we keep painting over and over again. Even as we evolve, we keep tainting the legacy of progress. With acts of state sanctioned mass murder we can can't morally defend. Now, the question beckons: to flick the match or not? Of all the lessons we've learned, we're sick of our collective lot. Condemned to be spectators. In a never ending reality TV show about terror. But the truth could be our crutch and saviour. To set us free for ever after. There is much truth in the burning on one's flesh. It's a big "fuck you" to a sick sad world more or less. The collective karma of the West. Always thinking we are the best. So flick the match if you must. May your soul be released from the dust of the aftermath.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


always tread gently and carefully
take my kindness for weakness
at your own peril
for kindness can kill off
even the staunchest of enemies
the tiniest gesture of goodwill
can move mountains
be genuine in all interactions with others
as if your life depends on it
because it does
make just that little more effort
to actually give a fuck
about those around you
be humble in the presence
of those who would boast
change begins from the bottom up
awaken from your slumber
stand up and be counted


A prized fighter
Punching above his weight
And there’s not much of it
A wee little thing
Who fights tooth and nail
For all that he wants:
Sweet self-destruction
And the taste of bitterness
For reality is much too hard to handle
It bites really hard
Every time he gets somewhere
He screws it up again
Especially when he’s close to succeeding
Guess that makes him a skilled saboteur
Killing off what little hope remains with precision
Almost achieving impunity
But no deeds go unpunished
Every action has its karmic cost
There’s no escaping it
What you don’t give today
You will not get a skerrick of tomorrow
It’s the way the cookie crumbles
So he keeps fighting the heavyweights
Aims to topple them from their high castles
Always in the back of his head:
The realisation he is fighting a losing battle
For Goliath will not go down without much struggle
It's going to be an epic battle
And when the tank falls, how glorious the days will be
He could finally hang up his gloves
And give his indignation a permanent break
No more prominent veins on his forehead
But that is but a childish fantasy
Systems cannot be brought down by rage alone
Persistence and cunning are also required
Not going to happen in an atmosphere of ultra-violence
Inflamed passions no longer serving good
Only leading him straight into a brick wall
So he ponders his immediate future
And finally sees where he’s been going wrong
It’s been much easier for him just to keep fighting
For that’s all he’s known for twenty long years
Sabotaging any chance of a peaceful solution
Turning the anger in on himself
Employing weapons of mass destruction
Against the self whose demise he sought
Who said anything about hurting others?
He would never do that
Time for the pot shots to cease
And for the healing process to begin

Thursday, June 09, 2016


standing at the precipice
waiting for something to happen
anything at all
that breaks through
the banality of a life
determined by other people's agendas
living for someone else

you do not own me
your prescriptions are bogus
I will not be a happy little consumer


stop go
walk don't walk

get a job
cut your hair

don't you step out of line

Sunday, June 05, 2016


Kindness can kill the ill feeling
of even the most bitter of enemies.
In order to put up with one of them,
the trick is to keep breathing
and to remind yourself that despicable characters are required
to give us an example of how not to be.
To forgive one's enemies is to rise above
the limitations otherwise imposed
by considering them to be of that calibre in the first place.
Find the courage to love them too in good time
and many headaches and dramas can and will be avoided.
To treat those, who refuse to treat you well, with common decency
is to open one's heart up to their imperfections,
for there is not a single person on this entire planet
who hasn't done wrong by another
and hurt them badly,
perhaps without even considering the consequences of their actions on the other.
Nobody is beyond question
when it comes to such matters of the heart.
Let's all reach out to those too stubborn to even be able to say a simple sorry,
thus sustaining the tension between supposed brothers in arms.
I, for one, have reached the stage
where hatred and anger no longer serve any good purpose
and would much rather kill all my enemies
with a dose of kindness and compassion,
before naively smothering them in a sea of good intentions.
Indefatigable  I will be
in my attempts to build bridges and mend fences,
but mark my words,
I will never forget the events that have transpired.
It's one thing to forgive others for their transgressions,
but it's another to let them take advantage of you,
over and over again,
like a soldier keeps on marching on.
It is wise to forgive but never forget.
While kindness is often taken advantage of,
I will not let it deter me from my main mission
of bringing about peace and love
to all who I will choose to continue to cross paths with.
And I shall continue to spray bullets of non-harm
in each and every waking moment,
for in the end,
one only hurts oneself more in the long run
by holding grudges and seeking vengeance.
Life is far too short for such shit.
There is much strength in gentleness,
so tread lightly and don't be too hard on others,
for they are fucked up human creatures just like you,
seeking truth and adventure,
in a world into which we have all been thrown,
without rhyme, nor reason,
clinging onto sanity by the finest of threads.
Yes, we are all on a journey of discovery,
to see how much we can tolerate,
before we blow our lids.
If you see the Buddha on the side of the road
and he starts preaching like was Jesus,
then kill him before he bores you to death.
Be disarmed but cautious,
always reminding yourself
of the great sense in walking down the path of moderation,
while fully aware of infinite contradictions.
Kill him swifty and do it now!