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Saturday, February 13, 2016


What the hell am I doing here, overcome with grief and tears?
All my foes could be near, but I still have self-belief and very little fear
I don't want to step on anybody's toes, there's still hope I suppose
All the new truths that I know, trying to avoid another crushing low
Let the beauty of peace and love grow inside, no more greed on the nose
Spray away the poison with a hose to avoid all the low blows
It's the season of renewal and change as the mystery grows
Nobody knows how I feel, or maybe they know all too well
About the pain I've recently been inflicted, it's all too common
I've drifted so far from heaven, ever closer to the fiery pits of hell
Some people who are scammers think they're so clever, but they never ever come through
When someone is trying to fuck me over, it's now so fucking easy to tell
They ring their own bell like a cat in a hunting mood, it's a warning of danger
In fact, some supposed friends can be even be more deceitful than even the dodgiest of strangers
Pretend friends will eventually slip up and reveal themselves to be users in the end
So false that they can't even be considered to be even a casual acquaintance, let alone friend
All the bad signals that they send, keeps me me from trusting them one iota at all
So sick of people taking advantage of me because I am frail and small
All these shit cunts, that I no longer want to know, can go fuck themselves and do it hard
I've had enough of them and their lies, I don't need them one bit at all
All I need are my true friends, who will stick with me until the bitter end
They've been there for me recently, helped me to see that there are other ways
Than to go out and take bloody and devastating revenge on those who have done me wrong
Instead I can express my bitterness, anger and frustrations in these poems and songs
It's the catharsis that my weary head has required all along, it keeps me focused and strong

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