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Thursday, March 24, 2016


There's not enough words in the dictionary to tell you how much I appreciate you, all the sacrifices you have made for me

Your underlying love sets me free, I'm sorry if I get irate at you sometimes, but I lose control due to my frustration

You've done everything you can to save my life, been there for me every time I've gotten myself in strife, I'd be lost without your indefatigable love

You never bought anything new for yourself, due to our father not being around, you were deprived of wealth, sorry I'm affecting your health negatively

You are one of the strongest people I have ever known, considering all the struggles you've has to endure

You will never believe it if I told you how much I love you for being the way you are

And I repeat myself: you set me free

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Moppy hair, that's me over there you know with an indignant stare at the masses
Everywhere I go, I'm hyper aware, don't listen to the bullshit that's been said, wrong in every facet
Random kindness is rare but I just got a free taxi ride by a complete stranger, just when I was stranded
I offered to do an IOU on the fare, he said it was unnecessary, I'm plesantly perplexed, don't understand it
Most people are selfish pricks out to chase their own dicks, see whether it measures up
To the holy steeple in porn 101, mission is to cum, it makes me sick like a storm in a tea cup 
The act of kindness I was shown went against everything that I've recently known to be true
It runs counter to the usual cuntishness and selfishness of the majority, the driver was a gem, one of a rare few
Like bouncers on steroids, most folk are hard nuts to crack, couldn't resist saying that 
Renounce all that you believe to be true and pull yourself out of that rut, now put on your thinking cap

Not everyone makes me seethe but most of them do, forgive me if I jump over to greener side of the fence
I don't like to pay for most things but I would have more than gladly given him twenty bucks if I saw him again
It's kind acts like that taxi driver's that restore my faith in humanity, placates my rage temporarily
In fact, I keep on getting taken for a ride and find myself racing around manically 
Trying to atone for losses incurred by supposed friends who I should  really consider to be foes
I accommodate the ones who burn me and burn the good ones in the end, sadly it's the way it goes
Knifing the arseholes is but a fantasy, would not actually hurt the scoundrels, because I'd rather klli them with kindness
They take it for weakness, but it's a strength if used on the right people, time to stop drowning in blindness
No more longer will I  be passive and aggressive, I'll lean to deal with conflct in a peacful, assertive way
I shall get stronger day by day, pray for an end to the rain storm and stop myself from getting led astray, 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Another Rant

Without the loathsome, disgusting fuckheads of this world, who have done us wrong and continue to do us wrong, we wouldn't learn our lesson, albeit the hard way, and we'd have no standard, albeit an extremely low one, to measure ourselves against so that we can be decent people who do the right thing towards others and harbour only good intentions. Even if we don't always do the right things by others, if in our heart of hearts, we are pure and we have healthy, active minds that question everything, then we can hold our heads up high knowing we have done our best to refrain from doing harm to all, including our enemies. We don't always need to take our revenge on those who have slighted us by resorting to aggression and violence, for what do such acts actually ever achieve but more of the same. To those who say violence solves everything for those who don't respond to anything else, I say to pull your heads out of your arses. Instead, the swiftest and most effective way of getting rid of enemies is to kill them with kindness and compassion. That's what I intend to do to mine. Weapons are useless in the hands of the pacifist who merely fantasizes about how much harm they could do to the flesh of their most hated foes, for deep down they haven't actually done the unthinkable because of their respect for the power of peace and love. Don't let hatred consume you and make you give up on peace and love. I will not relent, rest or stop wandering this earth until I am surrounded by peace and love everywhere I go. Nobody is a waste of space. Everybody matters. Nobody, no matter how sinister, is inherently evil, despite doing unfathomable things to others. They just got caught up in the heat of the moment or a moment of intense anger or passion. It's enough to make people do things that make people others suspicious or even scared. But fear merely burdens us and is debilitating. Time to look past the past and get to the heart of the matter. I'd rather choose kindness over aggression any day.