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Saturday, February 06, 2016

One Million Carrots

I don't need you at all, it's all in my head
you'd rather leave me for dead so you can get ahead
I don't need you in my life, your prize is a lie
I'd rather be straight and boring instead
you dangle one million carrots in the sky
waiting for me to take a great big bite
but I'm not going to fall for your trap anymore
so abstinence is the best way of settling the score
because all you want from me is more and more of the same
you want my coin and my time
to you it's just some silly game
but this game is getting old and I refuse to play
you best stay away and destroy other people's lives instead
even better, you could just disappear forever
so you can't ruin anymore lives ever again
now, you've got choices aplenty
voices so empty, unable to say "no"
even though it's such a simple word
I've well and truly had enough
it appears it's game over

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