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Saturday, February 06, 2016


can you remember a time when things were all so simple
and the people you interacted with didn't have the ulterior motive to hurt you
this past December I've been running amok, aided by an angel
all the trouble we got ourselves into didn't have to come about if I had not been so silly
the answers were all laid out before me on a smorgasbord
I lapped it up, took as many clues as I could until I understood
never again will I let myself get so down that I'd want to end it all
there's no good reason to do it except to end one person's suffering
but how about the suffering of loved ones: family and close friends?
how would they have coped if I had put a premature end to it all?
but I'm not so sure anymore if there even is an end at all
for the soul lives on, as does every particle of matter that constitutes our bodies
this makes us eternal, our stories writing themselves on and on forever
and life is not about who is the most beautiful, rich or clever
no one single sentient being is better than any other in worth
we are all of equal value and should be free to wander to our heart's content
I don't interfere in the affairs of others because that's what I wouldn't want to happen to me
I'd rather be left to my own devices, to do as I damn well please
just as long as I am not doing any harm to other sentient beings
if you get anything back, that's a bonus and means the other person is fair and decent
unlike the hordes of scammers out there, who are only there to take care of themselves
those who would take advantage of the kindness of others
such conniving fuckheads should be ashamed of themselves
taking advantage of those who mean you good will, isn't something to be proud of

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