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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


live, laugh, hope, dream and love
which masters do you serve?
what made your Benz swerve?
your name is dirt in these parts
the repetition of rhyming words
as I throw incendiary darts
are people no better than turds?
it's not time to play make believe
your apathy makes me seethe
could you open up those eyes please?
and your heart and mind too?
there's nothing in the world stopping you
from making another excuse
would you rather curl up and lose
an arm, leg and maybe torso too?
the system stinks like the poo
left behind by mounted police
pigs do as they damn well please
believe themselves to be above the law
but it's all just a stupid war
against the starving and the poor
so open up your front door
and let the light of kindness in
for change: it starts from within
throw all your regrets in the bin
yes, go and be fake and you'll win
greed in one of our darkest 'sins'
more and more cash in the tin
no more repetition or competition
go spread some love and compassion
let's make it a new fashion
don't get yourself thrown in a paddy wagon
or they might just throw away the key
but they will never catch me
for I am quick and I am free
and I fucking love hugging trees
so please just let me be
and you may just about see
the changes in the coming week
my substance of abuse at off peak
not high walking down the street
only kind people do I want to meet
with love and kindness, I shall treat them
for they deserve it in the end
not just a fucking pretend friend
but one who sticks it out until the end
watch out world: my life is on the mend

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