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Monday, February 08, 2016


I love all my good friends

We will be together until the end

The ones who've been with me through thick and thin.

The ones who have accepted my imperfections within.

The false cunts have all now been binned.

Placed in a swear jar and a fuck you tin.

I'm not out here to win any fans.

Although I'll do everything that I can.

To make people realise I love more that I hate.

I will never fuck over my best mates.

No never again, not even now and then.

When I love you, you will know when.

I will show you kindness and respect.

For all the good times and the positive effect.

That you have had upon my hurting heart.

Even though things may not have began well from the start.

I know that the things I've been doing haven't been all that smart.

But you can't deny the genius of my art.

Or the bleeding of my shattered heart.

He stays at St Barts.

And he knows who he is.

He's helped to restore some bliss.

In a otherwise tragic story that is my life.

Helped me out when I was in strife.

He got me to the dentist on time.

And even though he may commit thought crime.

That's alright by me.

It tells me that his mind is free.

I love him and he is a he

He's as refreshing as sitting under a tree.

He's like the sand underneath my feet.

He listened to me when I felt beat down by this cruel world.

And all the fuckheads who have left me for dead.

People who are well and truly fucked in the head.

Who should be wed to the devil.

And buried in the ground in a hole I've dug with a shovel.

Or otherwise fucking an ugly whore in a brothel.

With the money that they've stolen off me.

Their hearts are without heart and their souls are ugly.

They should have just let me be myself.

Without taking advantage of the kindness upon the top shelf.

That I left them with when I was struggling myself.

Cardless cash when he was hungry.

But he's abandoned me now.

Completely forgotten about me.

Even though it was me who showed him how.

To be a compassionate person to others.

How to care about the plight of your desperate brothers.

I don't know why I even bothered to text him.

To tell him I nearly died after the last night we met.

He probably doesn't care care that I could very well be dead.

That's because he has lost all decency in his head.

Doesn't care that that I was in my death bed.

The day I gave him some food when he was hungry.

But why should he even care for me.

If that's the way he wants to be.

Then let him go fuck someone else over.

But I've since met someone better.

One million times kinder and way nicer.

Our love for one another couldn't get any tighter.

He restored the lack of faith in humanity I had because of you.

And all the unfair and exploitative things that you do.

Yes, I've got me a new crew.

I'm cutting ties with you.

Because in the trio we are helping to save one another's lives.

And together we always have good vibes.

They don't take me for a ride.

There's been a change in the tide.

I've got faith again in the night.

They've helped me back into the light.

And for that I am grateful.

And towards them I shall be faithful.

I love all of my fiends.

We will be together until the end.

And I do not play pretend.

When I say things about love and peace I really mean it.

I feel now as though I am actually fit.

To hold this life I've tried to end prematurely time and time again.

I shall love all my real friends until the end.

And I really fucking mean it.

Not talking any shit.

Not taking anymore hits.

Together we will get clean

And be normal again if you know what I mean.

Together we all make a good team.

Thanks you very much Richard Eames.

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