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Saturday, February 06, 2016


the most resilient muscle in the human anatomy is the heart
it beats for both our friends and our enemies
gives us energy when faced with adversity
having a broken heart is a sign that the heart itself, actually works
but no matter how shattered one's heart may be in any point in time
it is capable of fixing itself and picking up the shattered pieces
having said that, even a partially functioning heart can work wonders
it can reach out to struggling strangers in their moment of need
it can feel for the victims who are starving as a result of others' greed
in fact, it is so powerful, that it can even sow seeds
which have the capacity to blossom into love and compassion
action, reaction: one must give love in order to receive love
never underestimate the strength of your bleeding heart
for it beats for all of existence and all of eternity

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