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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We're on a slippery slope towards a new age of fascism; the emperor still wears no clothes; rampant mental reductionism.
So this is how it goes: society hitting new lows; politicians with no back bones turning back boats.
Sharks in the moat to keep out desperate folk; it's getting beyond a joke; we like our eggs white with no yolk.
Two sides of the same coin, treating people like toys; off with their loins for they are raping little boys.
Stripping young girls of dignity; unable to see their humanity; as Reclaim Australia attack their enemies; keep it all within the family.
Of white-middle class progeny; no longer colour blind, they want to prevent the most heinous of crimes.
By spreading hatred and disinformation; slaves to the free market; we're headed towards a dark destination.
As we fire bullets into scapegoats: unpeople without a mainstream voice; cleaning the mess with white soap, kicking up a fuss and making some noise.
But we all still have a choice to dwell in ignorance despite evidence to the contrary or to wake up and fight our real enemies.
We all bleed red, we all need love and compassion, can't you see? Open your mind, sow the seeds of tolerance and peace, set your mind free.

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