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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

for some, crime does pay: it serves a function for those trying to escape society's prison
refusing to be just another victim of a fucked up system; trying their best to get even
after having been turned back at the gates of heaven; paradise for the fortunate few
while the majority suffer from poverty and insecurity; this story is nothing new
the isolation of the anomie cuts deep as they struggle to be free, only to be treated like shit
vilified by their enemies, who are unable to see the forest from the trees, always living in a fantasy
drowning in despair, they seek new avenues of relief from want; so they take another hit
of that which they know to cause self-harm, poison which gives them reason
to carry on in the bleakest of seasons, the execution of sanity in the face of insanity
some even turn to treason against the sovereign because they've identified their real enemies

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