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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm totally and utterly fucked in the head but I've tried to change my ways and walk the staight path. In fact I've tried so hard that sometimes my heart has bled incessantly. Sometimes I think myself and my family are all better off dead. I never chose to be this way, something went wrong long ago. My family get shot in the crossfire each and everyday, even when I'm not dropping bombs on the innocent but trying to help the vulnerable, the poor, the downtrodden. All out of the kindness of a broken heart. The strange desires were there long before I wrote the first book of revelations. Happened around the time I met my friend Ana. The government knew that each major lone wolf terrorist event was going to happen? Who funded the "monster" and supplied him chemical weapons. This always happens over and over again. But you are all absolved of responsibility and will go straight to heaven, while myself and two innocent people burn in hell. This show is getting old, with the hearts of spectators growing cold, can you see the mold growing every time it starts snowing? Reality TV was the new sensation about ten years ago but it's not that way anymore. Informed consent is a thing of the past. Three live human subjects starring in the Truman Show new millennium edition. An illegal occupation designed to destroy any semblance of humanity. The stalkers burst out in laughter each time the dog gets shot while the family cry in despair, unaware of the violence around them. And yes an anarchist has no recourse to the institution of jurisprudence but even in anarchist circles there are rules and ethics. But is the war on terror ethical? Just posing a question. Trying hard not to make judgments. You've all been exposed to the propaganda of terror, but are you also not handing over you're hard-earned to the corporate propaganda machine. They've got no intention to provide you with the truth. Only out to get your coin off you. Don't think it's true then open up you eyes to the lies they disseminate. If you want the whole truth go underground and listen to the insurgency. Not telling you what to do. Just tyring to give peace a chance. Ten years of this shit is enough. I've got no secrets left for you to uncover. But if only you have the heart to give peace a chance you may uncover a broken man wishing to make the whole world a better place for one and for all. I'm only asking for something small. Please give peace a chance. The dancing shall continue as long as you'd like to witness the spectacle but the terror will cease for good. I will try my best to pass the test. What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

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