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Monday, October 27, 2014


Despite Abbott's lies, Gaza is occupied, by the relentless Zionists
Who bring in bulldozers, houses pushed over, for 'harbouring terrorists'
The West only see the terror of desperate suicide bombers
As the Palestinians suffer and mourn for their murdered family members
Never a fair fight, advantage to one side, a case of rocks versus tanks
Each day, it's more of the same, children get maimed or killed, paid for by the yanks
Uncle Sam spends more in military aid to the war-mongering Zionist regime
Than the rest of the world combined, don't tell me that's not fucking crazy
World leaders sit by and twiddle thumbs as more Palestinians die
The public are too apathetic, brain washed and self-absorbed to question why

The constant humiliation, Palestinians treated like second class citizens
In their own land, there's no freedom, civilians supposedly killed by accident
Each and every day, children wake up to gunfire and explosions
Death - a common occurrence, there's no righteous cause, just moral erosion
Sad state of affairs, people who used to live side by side, now bitter enemies
Jews survived the the horror of the holocaust, only to carry on the legacy
The IDF armed by the US, kill with impunity, act just like the Nazis
The Palestinians fight back by blowing themselves into smithereens
There can be be no peace, while Israel keeps building settlements in the West Bank
They flaunt their disproportionate power, carry out another incursion with their tanks

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