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Friday, October 17, 2014

Everywhere I go, I get bombarded with visual pollution, Coca Cola in the solution
I take a sip of the mixture, it provides me with pleasure and dutch courage
Makes me obnoxious, the words I spit are glorious, but don't take me serious
Because I've got nothing to day, nothing new anyway, it's the same day after day
I've got my mind on repeat, almost ready to concede defeat, almost beat
I think I'm free but I'm running of empty, following sheep, unable to see
Through all the bullshit they throw at me, the lies bouncing off every page
I'm just a slave to the wage, the perfect worker and consumer of this day and age
Following trends all the way to the bitter end, competing with all my friends
To see who has the largest house, biggest dick, most plastic and the hottest hen

I've got it made, got everything I need but I still want more and more
Because there's something missing, but what it is - I'm not quite sure
I'm not the smartest cookie on the block, just a follower, a corporate whore
They've got me by the balls, the writing's on the walls, it's rotten to the core
Log on to Facebook, check my news feed to see who's getting the better of me
Gotta keep up with the Jones, compete, keep on buying shit that I don't need
But it keeps me happy, makes me feel important, this life is so decadent
Self-indulgent yuppie, yes that's me, to be wealthy is the pinnacle off excellence
I'm chasing the American dream, on the right team, dreaming of dollars all of the time
I love money and all the happiness it can buy, advertising consumes my mind

I never read books, prefer to watch the rubbish on television, it's my own decision
There's nothing really worth watching, but I keep of tuning in to commercial religion
I worship celebrities even though they make me feel ugly, invoke my insecurities
All the products on display make me aroused, give me a dose of retail therapy
It's the solution to all my problems, gives me relief, must follow the latest fashions
I throw caution to the wind, maxing out my plastic cards, shopping is my passion
Without an overabundance of credit, I can't keep up with the competition
And even though I hate my job, it pays for my new car, that's some consolation
I don't care about all those hours I spin into nothing, don't believe in saving just in case
Of a rainy day, that's just not my way, I don't mind being caught in the rat race


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