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Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am a fucking iconoclast, I put the C back in class

I stick the knife in the bourgeoisie, I'm so crazy that they can't handle me
I'm knocking down walls like a demolition artist, I'm quick, the smartest of the smartest
I'm cool as ice, smooth as the Fonz, spent all day righting wrongs

and I won't stop until I'm exhausted, consumed by renegade forces
it's getting darker hour by hour, we need to take back the power
you think you bring about peace through peace but you can't change the world through you're flower power
we need to take them by surprise, catch them off guard, stick in the knife
they won't see us coming, we'll make them eat their words and their turds
they've been selling us short, we're all caught in a rat race, yes it's absurd

bring on the class war
stop being a whore

I've had enough of your frat boy shit, I'd much rather take another hit
of that sweet sweet downtown stuff because Ive had it up to the neck, had too much
you live off your daddy's cash, but I'm going straight for your stash
and I'll be keying your daddy's Benz, it's just another means to an end
your life is empty, you are nothing, just another pussy
but here I am, I'm living it up, planning a revolution, don't you push me
I can't be tamed so clear the lane because I'm about to bring in my a-game

I'm ready to dunk in your face like Shaquille O'Neal
come near me with your wallet and I'll teach you how to steal
I'll smash your car windows, slash the tyres and steal your wheels

bring on the class war
stop being a whore

I'm militant like the SLA, bringing injustice to the light
I'll be robbing banks in the day, throwing Molotov cocktails at night
I'm wielding a semi-automatic, pointing it just like Patty Hearst
I've got a black book full of tactics, looking after the people like a nurse
I'm fucking crazy without a doubt, you're situation could not get worse
I'm just about to take you out, so you'd better prepare a hearse
I'm the worst apple in the bag, the fucking black sheep
when I take all you're money, you'd better not weep
and I'll be handing it out to people in need
and I won't stop robbing the rich, won't stop sowing the seeds

bring on the class war
stop being a whore

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