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Sunday, July 06, 2014


impromptu entrance made
undignified exit story forthcoming
hens gliding through the water
an ocean of darkness
a sea full of spectacles
keeping us under control
as we blindly consume away
impulse and competition

double blanket coldness
politicians in sleeping bags
neck high in hypocrisy
pretending that they care

high castles haunt the poor
who wish they had a battering ram
an earth so fragile
equilibrium more delicate than glass
decision pending
scientists compromised
climate change is a fallacy
paid for by mining magnates
escargot internet
preferred by Rupert Murdoch

the slippery slope has claimed more victims
sandcastles where there is no sand
and the natives were but fauna
just as the LNP is not comprised of humans:
they are more subhuman than those
they would treat as subhuman
the borders are blocked by an iron gate
the lives of people subject to persecution
escape from an awful place only to be sent back
it seems compassion is not forthcoming

babysitting, protecting the cigarettes
uniformed people, intelligent people:
hating people who arrived by boat
they must hate their ancestors too

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