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Saturday, July 12, 2014


the underside
the darkness that pierces the light
another bittersweet reprise
as deep fathoms arise
a poem that rhymes
is one surely out of time
this is not groundbreaking
just another case of faking
that there is any content
like grass on the other side of the fence
growing, dying, all at once
cannibals eat their lunch

out of our depth
like a little boy trying to act tough
we run out of breath
like astronauts above
it's like splitting hairs
searching for your whereabouts
a wave of despair
sweeping through, all around
an old fashioned party
(not like those smart phone gatherings)
going out of fashion like it were funny
why is anyone bothering?

a fight that brings us closer
like filaments in a toaster
we project out our anger
until the point of danger
to oneself or to the other
to beat up our own brothers
in the arms of another
we know it can't last forever
a socket for a socket
the laughter when we mock it:
the stupidity of the Prime Minister
the joke of the southern hemisphere

flip the reverse back to forward
too many skeletons, run out of storage
the sadder moments are our favourite ones
it teaches lessons and brings forth knowledge

a poem with lack of content
beyond reproach, nothing to defend
a refusal to apologise or repent
same old story gets told in the very end

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