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Sunday, July 06, 2014


a time of waste

a bitter taste
an about face
a swift fall from grace
happy times
chemicals interact
nothing rhymes
truth is stranger than fiction

a question of rhyme itself
a break from the ways of old
out with the passé, in with pragmatism
out with pragmatism, in with idealism
out with idealism, death of realism
out with any ism, in with another ism

the circle of life
a journey through time
to stay out of strife
is to refrain from crime

shoplifters of the world unite
help yourself, take up the fight

another ism gets constructed
then we burn the skeletons of modernism
only to be met with the wanky post
shove your isms up you post-member

another ism gets constructed
and the truth itself get destroyed
the wordplay brings satisfaction
but the content has been corroded

so choose your ism before you choose your friends
your ism consumes you like fire doused in petrol

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