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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

like a film without a climax
there's a cool wind blowing
like a book with no ending
the fun never ends
poor impulse control
the path to oblivion
summer sunburn
acrimonial thoughts
there are no boats
saturation of secrecy

I try to engage
only to find I cannot
fall in line
cannot get with the program
a closet full of shame
a teacup full of regrets
the future awaits
the man who chooses
and subversion

lived in the past:
reminiscing over
past glories
lived in the future:
fearing the uncertainty
forgetting to be mindful
of all that's good
all that which brings hope
in the here and now
however fucked up
the whole world seems
let's just have fun and forget
just forget everything
because we want
to escape from
that which challenges
the cerebellum
too much to contemplate
so it's easier
just to pretend

so we pretend

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