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Monday, January 06, 2014

I was so hopelessly smitten by you
in love with the way you made me feel
when the chips were down
you were always there for me
through the thickest of times
I was so deeply in love with you
but those feelings are fading
like the sun in to the horizon at dusk

you used to pick me up each day
fill my life with joy and euphoria
you used to pierce my soul with relief

and moments of rapturous dreams
but now, the honeymoon is over
and I am no longer so fond of you
I can no longer stand the sight of you
you make me feel all dirty inside

I've had enough of your deceitful ways
all the truths you spoke were hyperbole
you lie to yourself and you lie to me
I lie to myself when I say I need you
the more I need you, the less I want you

you are the harbinger of destruction
you destroy everything in your path
you've almost completely ruined me

although I am still attached to you
I will find a way to rid myself of you
you've got me under you spell
but I will one day shake you off my back

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