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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Everyday Repeats

repeat, repeat
it's always the same
some ludicrous game
watch your life
flashing in front
of your eyes

press repeat
similar sameness
there's always a price
to get what you want
a hedonist's dream
cross that path
getting behind
all the time

I am here
why, why; why not
a capricious mind
wasting yet more time
let your life
pass you right by
out of range

chase the dragon
as a favour
for the man

with the ingredients
corroding your lining
choices dictate
where we all go

we tell white lies
but who is
lying to who
could we be
lying to ourselves
every time
we tell ourselves
that it's OK
everything timed
and standardised
lose your mind
wasting time
and it repeats
over and over again

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