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Friday, January 31, 2014


commodification of New Age ideas
looking at all the shiny gadgets
enthralled by all the men’s toy
you think you are going places
but you’re going nowhere at all

you think that freedom is a mars bar
when you head down to the shops
you’re like a dog playing in the park
in awe of everything nice you see
there's units waiting to be shifted

you think you are in the driver's seat
when you buy all the things you buy
you're like in kid in a lolly shop
in love of all the products you see
it's eye candy of the corporate variety

attraction to more rehashed novelties
banal, dead and devoid of imagination
there’s a price tag waiting to be read
you may think you are getting a bargain
but the price was fixed from the start

you cling to the past as if today was nothing

you toke from the bong as if it were normal
you love to reminisce every single day
as if the past could help you to forget
about the sad state of affairs that is life

but your glory days were over a long time ago
almost half a lifetime has passed since
you feel like you are back there having fun

so you tell the stories over and over again
waiting for another pimp cane for you to buy
another distraction from the shame you feel
and the reasons are the ones you are avoiding
clinging to days that are now dead and buried

yet you tell the stories over and over again

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