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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


these misanthropic thoughts are reaching fever pitch
fanning the desire to carry out one million Columbines
you would all do well to defend yourselves from me
but a bullet-proof vest will be of no use to you
as I only fire verbal bullets that denounce your existence

involuntary euthanasia for all
this could be the planet's saving grace
as we are all fucked, excess fat, parasites
and I am just as complicit as the rest of you pathetic creatures
in maintaining the inhumane status quo

actually fuck it, fuck being humane
none of us deserve to be spared from dying slow, torturous deaths
at the hands of those who would objectify us
just as we objectify the corpses we see on screen of the idiot box

humanity listen up, this philosopher king has given up on you
you shall be left to your own devices, to your own destruction
I await your demise, I'm sick of you branding me as a lunatic
so give me what I want and what I want is a life-time's supply of opiates

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