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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


copyright infringement
creative commons
rain pounds the roof of the car
a reawakening
realising the absurdity of everything
impunity not forthcoming
posturing on a global stage
the hypocrisy, embarrassment
human rights
we respect human rights
some lives worth more than others
imperialist privilege
terror from above
brought to you by Uncle Sam
if they are rebels
we'll call them terrorists
one person with a positive demeanor
the rest: lost
fear is another weapon
brought to you by Today Tonight
truth sliced and diced
tiny segments left out

truth corroded
bodies being looted

remains remain to be seen
the aftermath
brownie points to be scored
1948 was a while ago
incursions, land grabs
precision targeting
nothing retro
state of the art
technologically superior
selective reporting
history of historical manipulation
target in close proximity
the panopticon
domination, matrix of fear
fountain of hatred
violence begets only...
whimsical remark
paranoia and misperception
everything's under control
empty like a breatharian
digestive tract cleared
a mainlined vein

the follow on effect
juice flowing

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