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Friday, July 18, 2014


a knock at the door
a fool opens the door
his words sound like
fingers scratching on a black board
painful to listen to
everybody wants it to stop
but we voted for it
we get what we deserve
moving backwards is progress
so declared Rupert Murdoch
all the money we'll save
all that matters is the money

I look through a window
see people running on a treadmill
automatons or clones?
I can't quite decide
I don't know a single person
who picked him for the job
yet here we are, sinking
the captain is a class A imbecile
yet this is what we wanted
lets all revert back to snail mail
that way we don't need fibers
to meet up with the broken nodes

a rustling of eucalyptus leaves
we're dependent like koalas
on the same meal each day
a daily dose of lies and trivia
everybody follows the leader
straight off a haunted cliff
we question only within limits
the picture painted by rich cunts
all our spectacles are put on by them
and all of them are glitzy and passé
all the products we buy does good
just as long as we consume

we pay for the pleasure
of watching people get murdered
yet we are somewhat detached
unable to feel the humanity
when the terrorists' side are killed
it's just another statistic
some lives are worth more than others
especially if your skin is white
no mercy for terrorists and their supporters
we'll kill them with precision
yes they were at the beach
but we couldn't find a trace

when everything is said and done
all that matters is naked power
a monopoly that cripples evolution
the subliminal transmission of cancer
we think that we are free
but the dogma attacks our bodies
we surf as if it were freedom
but all we catch are glimpses of freedom
no spare moment is free of charge
everything we know was written by winners
the voice of the oppressed suppressed
all the songs we hear are easy listening

safe behind our white picket fences
we remind ourselves that everything is OK

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