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Sunday, July 06, 2014


collision between my desires and my inaction
the passion has faded and indolence prevails
there is always time but time slips away
when you throw all your eggs into a bonfire
my halcyon days were destined to haunt me
times now dead and buried, but not forgotten
I know people who get so stuck in their glory days
talking about those days as if there were yesterday
I can't really fault them without being a hypocrite
for I am in the same sinking boat when I reminisce
the future and the past should be in good hands now
but this hypocrite is trying hard not to remember
when boredom hits, there's always a propensity
to press that self-destruct button once again
it can be said that self-sabotage is quite an art form
and I would consider myself a prodigy at just that
I have an appetite for masochistic whippings
strike me down so that I can get up again, stronger
for every hard-knock comes an appreciation
of all the things that can truly liberate us
seeing things from a new perspective
approaching life like it were serious and important
and sometimes even humorous and still significant

there is hope in this life yet, I know there is
nothing good can come out of my inaction

there is hope in this life, I'm not letting it slip away

not anymore

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