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Friday, July 18, 2014


there was not much to go on if you were to judge her by her appearance
beauty queen, every teenage boy's wet dream fantasy
she used them
the bane of her existence, a stop gap solution
she smiled more than you would expect from someone with few teeth
the gingivitis was the curse of a dentally-challenged princess
how many more times would she smell his latex gloved hands?
her fellatio skills were exq
uisite, a seasoned professional
yet she couldn't help but feel like she was lacking in something
so she found solace in her needle fixation
the way the blood spun in fast winding spirals up the barrel
a whirlpool of regrets, a closet full of condoms
the doors would not shut
left ajar the light would pierce the coldness of her heart
so she wore the darkness like a bullet proof vest
people taking pot shots at her
people missing
a silhouette of bullet holes
a shadow person
creeping around in the dead of night searching for carrion
another fragment of her being that she decided not to adopt
fear consumes her every sleeping hour
it envelops her like a python
so she fights tooth and nail
track marks as long as the Perth to Joondalup line
a train of thoughts
flowing freely like the tears of a petulant child
until the end is reached
some endings never end, fellatio her saving grace

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