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Wednesday, July 09, 2014


another day
just like any other day

an ordinary day
main line streamlined
threshold breached
holy temple under siege
the are paths to follow
some forsaken
some exhilarating
the focus is narrow
when waiting in the car
inhaling noxious chemicals
waiting for everything
to be sweet as nectar
as cool as an icy pole
the usual spot again
waiting with ciggy in hand
time ticks over
pleasantries are exchanged
time to turn back time
to experience that which
can never be achieved again
I suppose I can't complain
the edges are not so rough
and the main show
is a convincing one
down to the supermarket
looking in the cheap section
for a decently priced drink
to clench a considerable thirst

and what relief it was
to ingest water into the system
in another manner
rather than the usual way
the scars of down time
add up to consequences
very few people
escape unscathed

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