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Wednesday, July 09, 2014


enter here
everyone else does
keep the peace
don't say anything weird
must be smooth
don't offend anyone
keep your opinions
to yourself
boring conversation
politeness for the sake
of politeness
as authentic
as a hipster

walk down the dotted line
stop, don't go
oh, it's ok now
cars almost hit me
if you want
to cross alongside me
you had better
have your eyes open
and your attention
or do you wish
to be hit by a bus?
okay, then
go back to playing
with your smart phone
oh, look at us
we're having a phone party
like in the old days
when people
held TV parties

look it's a sliding door
it takes you into
consumer paradise
what will you buy next
I think I will buy nothing
or perhaps get a
two for one special
so many pretty things
that catch the eye
so many things to buy
you can hardly
contain yourself
so much choice
it's so hard to decide
then you lay
your eyes on it
you simply must have it
so you pull out
your credit card
who needs cash
when you have plastic

exit here
everyone else does
wouldn't want
to go against the grain

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