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Thursday, January 16, 2014



I abhor your ways, the way you smile
when there’s nothing to smile about in particular
you simply obey, obey, stand in line
no, you mustn’t break with order
don’t you dare step out of line
everything will be ruined if you step out of line

you unquestioningly digest their lies
believe what they want you to believe
a cog in the machine, a slave to conditioning

you work hard all day like clockwork
never thought  to question why
you push the repeat button over and over again

in bed with the man who cracks the whip
to keep you in line, keep you hungry
you desire to be like the rest
you mustn’t go against the flow

that would be an act of folly
you mustn’t step out of line

or fear upsetting your God
and God wants you to buy, buy, buy

you submit to boredom
can’t find anything to fill your mind
instead of consuming spectacles

your boredom breeds depression
a bourgeois luxury of the developed world
you take for granted the privilege
an entitlement complex of the highest degree
unaware you have won the roulette
while the losers die from pestilence

if they don’t starve to death first

late at night you start to feel it
but can’t quite place your finger on it
the emptiness, the lack of meaning
in the sorry tale that is your day to day life
then you wake up, only to do it all again

to work like a dog, chasing after the perfect bone
to daydream your way until your next holiday trip
you spin hours into nothing at all
only to spend your wages on thing you don’t need

you are the grease that keeps the system well oiled
your participation is the holiest of acts
according to their dictates, a prescription for life

you smile again to keep in order to keep the peace
you gladly accept and celebrate your lot in life
and the lack of free time to create something, anything
creation is the domain of the dreamer and the infantile

you must be decent, contribute to the economy
if you’re not like them all then you are a useless deviant
so you keep towing to line in order to be accepted
you've lost the game, sealed your fate in the sand

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