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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I've got a bone to pick with society, living makes me sick
This world fills me up with anxiety, the doomsday clock ticks
All around me, I see plastic people, and corporate cretin evil
Advertising makes me feel feeble, excluded from the holy steeple
I was born tabula rasa, only to be filled with nonsense, bourgeois indoctrination
Forced to believe in the holy father, swim in circles like a goldfish, standard socialisation
We're all martyrs like Jesus Christ, wasted lives, sacrifice for the market
Stormy weather, the spectre of Katrina, Gina Rinehart makes a perfect target 
No sympathy for prisoners, treated as the other, they're deviant just like gunja
We don't care about our sisters and brothers, too busy competing with one another

Got a bone to pick
This world makes me sick

When I was much younger, I thought I had all the answers, had learnt all my lessons
Now I'm not quite so sure, I yearn for something more, got a mind full of questions
So many reasons to get angry at the greed of the enemy, anger is an asset
The stupidity of the many, living on a drip feed, time to place my bets
On who will win the Darwin Award, we can't afford to throw away our lives
We only live once, the indignation of the sun, who wants to win a prize?
The saviour of the future is you and me, everyone writes their own history
The pleasure of more leisure time, it's plain to see that your job only brings you grief
So quit straight away, more time to play, the best things in life are free
But if you need the money, follow your dreams and sail the seven seas

Got a bone to pick
This world makes me sick

Nothing is as it seems, question what you believe, change your point of view
Learn to read the subtext, see beyond the sex, reject the lies sold to you
You're a creature of style, upwardly mobile, think you're going places
A vacuous yuppie, flaunt your wealth for all to see, lost among blank faces
I'm on a mission to make others listen, my acerbic words are my weapons
And I won't stop until I'm knackered, found a cure for cancer, I have good reasons
For the planet is dying, as politicians keep lying, in bed with the mining industry
They tell us climate change is a fallacy, just a lefty loony conspiracy
There's so many excuses to avoid doing the dishes, leave them for someone else
Much easier to switch off your mind, watch TV in your spare time, take a good look at yourself

Got a bone to pick
This world makes me sick

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