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Friday, October 17, 2014


these days, life is so fast paced, we're all caught in a rat race, just another face in the crowd

we're all consumed by self-doubt, fear and insecurity, consumption is what it's all about
everything is inside out, upside down, makes me wanna scream and shout
they want us all to conform, follow their mores and norms, like school boys in dorms
there's so many rules, to control stupid fools, who bow down, just someone else's tool
so many bogans in this racist land, gotta be a macho man, got their heads in the sand
meat pies for food, hoon around in utes, en route to Gina's mine's, living on borrowed time
pressure to buy widescreen televisions, it's a competition to see who has the most feeble mind
unaware of corporate crime, unable to see through bullshit, the purpose of this rhyme
to expose societal lies, enlighten the masses, give poltiical lessons, wake up the blind

time to wake up
open your eyes

all that matters in this world is money, when the blood splatters, we find it to be funny
we're all desensitised to violence, energised by murder, while the poor suffer in silence
and they further their corporate agenda, think they're so clever, have all the answers
Monsanto sowing the seeds of greed, as the needy starve and drink dirty water
climate change bringing about strange weather, heat wave in the middle of winter
coca cola fed to babies who die from influenza, rabies and other preventable diseases
our insatiable excesses, dirty lifestyle choices like junkie abscesses,  hearing voices
like a schizophrenic, telling us to consume, we're so pathetic, taught lies in the class room
we want it all and we want it now, don't care about future generations, only new sensations
a cohort of yuppie wannabes, it's time to abort mission, wake up to class relations

time to wake up
open your eyes

we need to stop being so apolitical, it's time to use our minds, let's get critical and physical
get out on the streets, let's unite and put up a fight, don't accept defeat, bring real issues to the light
don't just be smart, learn to be wise, speak from the heart, learn to see through the lies
the time has come for a sea change, our dreams are not out of range, we just need to lift our game
so don't be tame, be brave like a soldier, are you willing to sacrifice in the name of revolution?
it's not the time to be nice, so show some attitude, take them by surprise, don't dwell in confusion
we need to let our voices be heard, fight for what we yearn, prepare the guillotine - the final solution
they want us all to spread memes of greed, forget about the cause, just work and consume
but we're gonna ignore their prescriptions, stop being bores and search for something more
we will not submit or take another hit of their soma shit, we're gonna stop being whores

time to wake up
open your eyes

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