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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Nice guys don’t fight back, not even under attack, that’s why they always finish last
Why would you say that? Because of the lack of trouble they’ve caused in the past?
But beware, all you complacent fools, there’s always an exception to the rule of cliché
Instead you may just lose your head when one snaps at the end of a frustrating day
I’m sure you’ve heard people say to watch out for the day when a nice guy finally snaps
You may just get a syringe to the eye, right before you die with a knife in your back
Can’t say that it was all that unexpected, watch out when the once meek get infected
With the anger of a spectre that once haunted Europe, nice guys don’t pick favourites
So be wary of those who appear to be meek, they may not be so weak, don’t be a turd
If you push and push again, you may just be on the receiving end of a powerful blizzard

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