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Thursday, August 04, 2016


I could feel the pull of gravity when confronted by such tragedy caused a dirty low-down junkie
Who lost a piece of her own humanity while she was busy trying to save her own guilty behind
At the height of her insanity she misjudged his lack of tolerance, completely out of her mind?
What she did was unforgivable, her actions were fatal, my hatred for her transcends all of time
I hold her responsible for his death, tried to suck him dry until there was nothing fucking left
I yearn for her downfall in karma’s haunted halls, for she cared not for his fucking life at all
I hate snitches but I would scratch that itch to snitch on her without even thinking twice about it
Queen of witches, not even fit to inhabit hell's fieriest pits, a total and utter piece of shit
Because of her, my dear friend is no longer here, it wasn’t his day, or for that matter, his year
His mother’s life left in tatters, with her worst fears coming true, her eyes never short of tears

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