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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


It wasn't always this way
When I asked you to make songs with me
About how much we hated humans.
I knew I liked you then
But never in that typical way
That you would have gotten
From most guys who you crossed paths with.
Back then, I just knew that you were a decent person
And that you were broken
And hurting the same way that I was hurting.
Never would I have imagined
That you would have won me over
The way that you have now.
My heart is all yours for the taking,
For you have touched a place in it
That few have ever managed to do.
The fact of the matter is that I have fallen for you.
Well and truly, I have.
This is now indisputable.
I just can't stop thinking about you.
There's no doubt about it:
It's unavoidable for me.
And who would want to stop the momentum
When it feels so fucking good and so fucking right.
What it is that we have, that is.
What we have between us without ever having fucked.
It's just as well this way.
It means what we have transcends mere physical attraction,
That we care for each other
on a level few others' connections can match.
It's more than about merely sex.
It's about what each has done for the other
And is willing to do for the other.
Our connection is deeper than the physical.
I can feel it in every pore of my being and your being,
Even though I've never touched you really.
Why would I want or need to do that anyway
When you've already touched me
In ways I never expected in the beginning.
For you've well and truly touched my heart
In ways that I never imagined possible.
Oh, the things you have done for me,
And continue to do for me,
Are well and truly incredible
And will forever be etched into my heart.
We could do so many amazing things together
Once our efforts to be together are no longer frustrated
By circumstances beyond our control.
Especially hospital authorities
Which delight in making both our lives a misery.
But I will not rest until our right to be happy together
Is more than just wishful thinking,
But actually a reality that we live out
In each and every waking moment.
With the power of all that is good on our side,
I know that this will happen one day
And that day will be best.

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