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Saturday, March 08, 2014


you shallow poison
you swallow everything
just so you can be safe
never have to question
what you've been told

you watch all the wrong shows
ingesting in bourgeois crap
prefabricated American rubbish
digesting their innards
stomach indoctrination pills
now you are ready to shine
catch the same bus again
for another day on repeat
go home to a mini mansion
you have made it, you smile

you have everything you need
yet you still want more stuff
the prescription has repeats
pop another pill to feel normal
feed the dog and then the kids
sip some wine, just desserts
invite all your friends over
to look at the white picket fence
you'll be the envy of them
the ones who haven't made it

but you have made it
your mother will be so proud

you work like a horse
so you can have all these things
then you go home to your fence
and again it all repeats


tim said...

cool poem about conformity..easy to get cynical about it all

tim said...

cool poem about conformity and suburbia...the enemies of poetry!