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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


everything that can be said
has been said a million times before
there's nothing new to say here
another bittersweet reprise
same old haunting memories
same old cast of characters
engaging in risky, almost novel activities
exploring new pathways of perception
such is the life of a tortured man
who previously had no life at all

when we resist reality as it is
we are opening up the floodgates
to beauty and ecstasy beyond
our everyday, banal experience
the path of least resistance
is the path to self-destruction
it is a shortcut to the death of the spirit
but a promenade mired in complexity
shows us breathtaking new colours of reality
or that which transcends the boredom
of our repetitive day to day experience
there are many planes of actuality
far removed from the mundaneness
of our everyday pilgrimage from point A
which leads predictably to point B

there is much more to life than the banal
to discover this vast new world of bliss
all it takes is courage and openness
so unfurl your wings, set your sights high
and join us on the adventure of a lifetime
it may just add years to your life
or at least open it up to infinite possibilities
where everything we covet is within reach
there is much more to life than boredom

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