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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


darkened leaves, a forest of triffids
man of the cloth in a former life:
his antiquated weltanschauung
based on fear, xenophobia,
intolerance, reductionism
and trickle down economics

he sees not desperate humans
but only people smugglers
and SIEV X after SIEV X
the work of vile people smugglers
out of sight, out of mind
gag placed on Santa's little helpers
forbidden to speak by the Führer
not even a cryto-fascist cretin
but faschistischen über alles

he knows women well, 
so well that he appointed himself
to oversee their affairs
while appointing half a woman
to sit in his front cabinet
Julie just may be a hermaphrodite
concupiscent incubus in the dead of night

in their comfortable, cloistered lives, 
they have learned much about the world
Bridget and Frances proclaiming:
daddy believes in the sanctity of love
between Adam and Eve, but not Steve
his own sister a deviant lesbian,
yet he still graciously speaks to her
oh what a paragon of tolerance he is,
devoid of prejudice and hate

his entourage of science talking folk
declare that climate change
is a fictitious phenomenon
concocted by a fringe lunatic left
to slap extra taxes upon the bourgeoisie
with mother nature nixed from the equation,
there is no need for a science minister

let us rejoice in his appointment to the lodge
for we can trust him to instill real change:
the annihilation of award wages,
the stopping and or buying back of boats,
the harassment of disability pensioners,
the destruction of the carbon tax, 
the lowering of company tax,
the scrapping of fiber to the house broadband
and the list of atrocities goes on and on
all such policies designed, of course
to aid his friends Rupert, Gina and Twiggy, etc.
enter: the corporate fellatio king

welcome to hell, my fellow 'strayans
now, who the fuck voted for Abbot?

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