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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Since you have become a regular fixture in my reality
My life has changed for the better
Even though circumstances have taken a turn for the worse
You make an otherwise bleak existence worth bearing
Yes, you provide me with a reason for being
To make sure that you are safe and sound
And able to derive at least some pleasure from life
Even though they are doing their best
To make your life a complete misery
I hurt when you are hurting 
And it drags me down when you are down
I just want for you to be happy by my side
For the both of us to care for and look after one another
I would walk from one end of the earth to the other
If it meant that you would be happy forever after
Life could be so simple and so wonderful 
If not for others’ attempts to keep us apart
They can all get fucked as far as I’m concerned
Oh, why do they have to keep doing this to you? 
Why are they treating you as if you were incompetent
And unable to make decisions for yourself?
This could not be further from reality
It really irks me so, to the point of resenting them
For how much they have fucked with you
It’s simply not fair, nor is it justifiable by any measure
It’s just dragging you down and making your life hell
But we shall overcome and we shall do it together
We won’t let the fascists tell us what to do
No way in hell will we let them keep us apart
For you and I belong together, perhaps forever
We will rise above everything they try to throw at us
Even if it’s the kitchen sink or some stupid legal order
One day soon, we shall be safe in each other’s arms
And we will show them how fucking happy we can be
Fuck them all and fuck what they think about us

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