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Tuesday, April 05, 2016


It was never this sick and toxic when I took my trips down town
Old mate wouldn't fuck me around and drag me all around town
Only to give me shit or nothing at while telling me it was "koota"
It's as if some of those scamming pieces of shit take pleasure
In fucking over those who they perceive to be suckers
If they've done it once, they'll do it again for ever after
The lack of respect for old school rules defies all belief
And the repeated attempts to get me to take the bait only brings about grief
Even those I would call friends have preyed on my kindness and generosity only to burn me
Even though it has a bad name, people weren't this bad in underground scene

Fuck I hate that word "koota" and I would smother in turds the next fool I heard
Using that term, for if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is
In the game of ice hockey, people promise the world and give you one third
Or less after they've changed the rules of the game and added extra ingredients to the pitch
Only for it to be harder to score goals the way its been done in training
Instead everywhere it's raining and everyone's not playing fair like in the days of old
Even in a game as chaotic and anarchic as this there has to be guidelines for who are playing
Consistency is the key, reduce short passes and ample reward for every goal
But it's full of greedy or desperate fucks out to play dirty and fuck everyone else over
Knowing full well how this leads to time on the sidelines and brings retribution closer

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