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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


there are rhymes flowing through my cranium
incomplete and twisted with rage in them
yes, I refuse to follow their fashion
I am driven by anger and jaded passion
I'm writing these words to procrastinate
because I simply can't concentrate
on the task in front of my eyes
absorbing the words of the wise
thinking all about societal lies
staring into the emptiness in Tony's eyes

this is yet another clich├ęd reprise
repeated over and over, myriads of times
the same words flowing through my mind
as I get myself ready to rant and whine
spitting out the acerbic words of an iconoclast
destroying all the institutions of the past
this is serious, this is class war you see
send the cuntish cretins to the guillotine
or rob them blind and burn their money
build a world based on love and equality
where we can all be healthy and free
there's a knife flying through the backdoor
an album full of photos shot in RAW
the pent up frustrations of a man who's bored
this isn't a picnic or a game, it's class war

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